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In the making of our new Muslim generation as we compete to establish and sustain Islamic civilization in our fast changing world, we need to introduce more Islamic short stories, novels and other publications which will further inspire and encourage our young Muslims.
This will expose them to higher educational and moral standard, guided by the ideals, norms, values and tradition of Islamic practices which is the best foundation of life.

Islamic short story (fiction) is a new voice that is waxing stronger day by day. The readership is covering beyond the targets and is indeed a better tool to correct some people’s notion of Islamic faith.
Crescent Series short stories teach morals, encourage virtues and forbid indecencies.
The themes are hinged on range of topics from Tawheed- Oneneess of Allah, piety, devotedness, Charity giving, Islamic etiquettes, humility, honesty and many more.
These are thoughtfully treated according to the Sunnah and the Qur’an.

Faruq went for his ball in the bush at the back of his house. He was trapped in a deadly cave of Bumenga. He met a devil incarnate, Iblees who initially pretended to be a man of Allah.
Abdullahi and wife, Faruq’s parents were confused.
Iblees did everything to overcome and capture Faruq as he caught and imprisoned Abd’l-Jeleel, Mutiat, Rasheedat and Habeeb, but he could not.

Faruq, with the help of Sa’id finally conquered Iblees and saved the entrapped children.

Thereafter, the kids underwent a lot of trials.

At the middle of a creek, Professor Haula insulted a canoe boy, ‘You waste your youthful age rowing a boat. You are a waste to your parents, to the society and to the country.
Prince Tamale, the canoe boy, taught the Professor a lesson he lived to teach the world-Modesty.

Bagum, Jegume and Damada were best of the poor. Wonderful disabled friends they made.
By Allah, they were healed and made rich after swearing in the Holy Mosque that they would help the poor and the needy.
All of them were ungrateful, except one.
The friends were adequately rewarded.

Alamu was a very rich farmer. He never believed in Allah, but trusted and believed in Gurumbu, the gods he inherited from his parents.
Miraculously, when he had problems, Allah showed him His Greatness.

Aliyat was a very beautiful lady. She was a devoted Muslim.
By her parents’ wish, she married a poor, but pious man.
One day, her husband, Basit came in fury. He commanded his wife to wear a sack he had already filled with filths. Aliyat did as she was ordered. Basit sewed the sack and threw the innocent lady into the river.
Aliyat prayed to Allah to vindicate her. Was she saved?

Who becomes the king?
The boy who attends an Islamic school where he learns and practises Islam or the one who goes to a secular school where all his habit is westernised?
He is the one who knows Allah
He is the one who loves the sick
He is the one who is caring
He is the one who loves the poor
He is the one who endures
He is the one who can save them
He is The King from Madrasah
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